New Even in Chicago: MISS ASSYRIA 2013

Sarah Newey Benjamin's birthday,
October 17, 2012, she just turns 90!

Prof. Geoffrey Khan Professor of Semitic Philology  at the Northwestern University, IL, May, 10, 2012.

Moscow celebrates Novruz citywide :
Assyrian singer Ludmila Khoshaba at the State Central Concert Hall “Russia” (Sports Palace "Luzhniki") today.

Stella Rezgo, Assyrian singer from Canada. is making a highly successful concert at the Assyrian American Association (Est. 1917), Chicago,  February 18, 2012. 

New Book: Assyrian for Kids

Assyrian Martyr Monument installed at Montrose Cemetery in Chicago, IL

 Dankha Zomaya at "Rituals" Art Exhibition, Chicago

John Malk Artshop, Chicago, IL, November 6, 2011.

British Parliament says:
"The Assyrians need their Autonomy in Iraq!

Faith Under Fire: The Global Threat to Religious Freedom conference

The International Conference on Freedom of Faith: the Problem of Discrimination and Persecution against Christians. Moscow, December 1, 2011  

The Opening Ceremony of Mart Mariam Chaldean Catholic Church in Chicago


Save Assyrian Christians of Iraq, by Ashoor Baba

Assyrian International Delegation has visited Erevan, Armenia (in Armenian) 

Turkey Officially Apologizes for 1930s Mass Killing of Kurds

December 2, 2011, hundreds of Kurds staged coordinated attacks against Assyrians 

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